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I Could Drive Forever

June 6, 2010

So today I finished reading Perks of Being a Wallflower.

I read my friend’s copy. I think he forgot that he lent it to me 4 years ago. Or maybe he didn’t foget that it’s gone, but forgot it was with me. It is all beaten up from use and love. I remember him telling me about this book, because he mentioned that The Smiths were in it, and he would have “There is a Light that Never Goes Out” as his away message online. And we would be on and he would tell me about the people he met online, and I would tell him about the posts I made on music and books.

Anyways, the book reminds me of this song by Smog.

It’s the kind of song that you listen to while you’re lying in your room, and with a lamp that gives off a soft yellow glow. Or one of those spinning lamps for children that have different designs. I have one from when I was younger, with a spaceship and some stars. It spins from the heat of the lamp I believe. And once you turn it on, it gets faster and faster, and you watch the spaceship and stars move across the walls. For some reason, they never move across and away in space. Just from one wall corner to the next.

And you listen to this song, and think about absolutely nothing. Or maybe absolutely everything. I try to think of how the air smells. Nobody ever thinks about that anymore, unless there is a distinct change, like when somone is cooking, or burning a cigarette between their fingers, or spraying air freshener. But when I’m lying there, watching the rocket move around the room, I try to find out what the air smells like. And that’s hard. I do that until I fall asleep. Then I wake up, and there’s drool on the itchy carpet I’ve slept on, and that song is still on repeat. But I don’t care; I just crawl into bed and leave the lights as they are and the song as it is and fall back to sleep.

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